Dorkbot 40: Future's so Bright

Dorkbot 40: Future’s so Bright

It’s going to be a busy year preparing for the singularity. Face the future with your Dorkbot friends and some lovely libations.

  • Clay Shortall & Chris Chang – Shadow Puppet – Kinect motion sensors, processing, and Arduino code power an interactive screen of spinning circular panels.
  • Eric Jacobs – SARGE, the Slightly Anachronistic Retro Gaming Environment – a homemade development game console that brings NES and Famicom classics back to life with a modern twist.
  • Matt Steinke – Octant – a mechanical band.
  • Brent Dixon on solving global challenges with play.

Dorkbot 40: Future’s so Bright
at The North Door, 501 Brushy Street 78702 [map]
Monday Jan. 28th. Doors at 7, talks at 7:30. Open dork to follow till they run out of beer or they kick us out. Whichever comes first.
RSVP: via Facebook (not required)

Enter The North Door through the North Door (duh), off the alley. They have a full bar and a pizza kitchen. Two of the many reasons why we love them.

Dorkbot is — as always — a free event. Open to all ages.