Dorkbot 39: Valley of the Dorks! 11/19/2012

Dorkbot 39: Valley of the Dorks

Dorkbot 39: Valley of the Dorks

There are 40 panic-inducing shopping days until Christmas. We say screw the lines and the sales and the cinnamon scented holiday jingle filled air and Dork your own Holiday Magic!
Come enjoy three talks on toys, games, and dolls that explore creative expression and are sure to add some tinsel to your turkey.

  • Bryon Lloyd – Kids + 3DScanner + 3DPrinter Hear about how to make projects with kids and see some of the creations co-designed by Bryon and his kiddos.
  • Brandon Wiley – Make a Video Game With Your Friends… Today!! Inspired by game jams and never one to shy away from a creative urge, Brandon will give you the knowledge and the nudge to quit thinking and start making.
  • Yuliya Lanina – Mechanical Dolls and Automaton, Oh My Yuliya shares her misshapen characters, made out of parts that are not supposed to go together, which are her own projections of nonsensical events and their consequences. In other words, magic!

Dorkbot 39: Valley of the Dorks
at ND Austin, 501 Brushy Street 78702 [map]
Monday Nov 19. Doors at 7, talks at 7:30. Open dork to follow till they run out of beer or they kick us out. Whichever comes first.

Enter ND Austin through the North Door, off the alley. They have a full bar and a tamale truck. Two of the many reasons why we love them.

Dorkbot is — as always — a free event. Open to all ages.

Dorkbot 38: Nightmare on Dork Street

Dorkbot 38: Nightmare on Dork Street

Dorkbot 38: Nightmare on Dork Street

This month kicked off our residency at ND Austin, the official homestead of dork and nerd (as well as music, comedy, and film) happenings in Austin.

Monday, October 15, 2012
Doors at 7pm
ND Austin
501 N IH 35, Austin, Texas 78702

Christian Miller is a UT Austin Computer Science graduate student whom you may remember from awesome projects like the UberHoop. Aiming to impress his way into a sweet internship, he made a fancy business card that is a small portable video game system. nbd, just a retro game business card. *totallyabigdealy’all

For just over a century, amateur radio operators or “hams” have been working in basements and attics, taking things apart and putting them together to hear the crackle of a voice coming from the static. Austin’s Amateur Radio Society shared the magic ranging from the simplest homebrew, basically the technological Victory garden for modern communications to the advanced digital high-speed multimedia capability (i.e., The Self Configuring HAM Network) in use around Austin.

Damien Di Fede (@ddifede) rocked the socks off of the Fantastic Arcade with The Dancingularity and was willing to show Dorkbot how he did it, including using Processing to write the software, the reason for running it in Linux, and the hardware (ahem, electrical tape) used to create the web of mats. If you missed the magic you can check out the sweet write up in the Kokoromi blog for more details.

Nerd Nite & Dorkbot: Makin’ It Together – Sep 12, 2012 @ 7pm

Nerd Nite & Dorkbot: Makin' It Together

Nerd Nite & Dorkbot: Makin' It Together

Because everyone knows the nerdiest bots are the ones you build yourself.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Doors at 7. Talks at 7:30.
ND Austin
501 Brushy Street (at I-35 and E 5th St) 78702

This month’s agenda:

1. “Hello, Arduino: Meet the tiny computer built for makers and crafters,” by Sharon Cichelli
Take the first step in raising your robot army, and make software that interacts with the real world. The Arduino is a microcontroller designed to be welcoming to those new to programming and new to electronics. Sharon will show us what it is, what you can build with it, and how to get started.

Sharon Cichelli is a software developer, open-source contributor, Arduino hacker, pinball enthusiast, and author of

2. “Replicating Reality: Print Adventures in the 3rd Dimension” by Matt Mancuso
Tea, Earl Grey, hot! Matt will share the theory and technical basics behind 3-D printing — and show off some objects he printed on his homemade Replicator.

Matt Mancuso is a geneticist by day, and Member-at-Large/Ombudsman of ATX Hackerspace by night.

3. “How to Make a Robot Without Knowing Electronics” by Luke Keyes
Have you ever wanted to make a robot, but felt the task of learning electronics was too daunting? Luke will explain how he made a robot using a netbook and a thrift-store Roomba and how you can too.

Luke Keyes has spent the past 7+ years as a video game programmer by day (specializing in gameplay systems and AI), and a hobby robotics enthusiast by night.

+ Dorkbot show-and-tell projects at tables throughout the venue!
+ Bangin’ break music by Mickey Delp from Delptronics, and post-Nite vibes from TX Chip, the Texas chiptune collective!
+ Want to get a jump on the socializing? Sign up for Nerd Speed-Dating at 6:30: nnatx/5638

Main doors at 7:00, talks at 7:30.
As always, Nerd Nite and Dorkbot are free. Buy yourself a beer to celebrate.

Dorkbot36: Schools Out For Dorkin’!

schools out for dorkinThe bluebonnets have bloomed, the heat has arrived, soon the yellow buses will be garaged until fall. Come out and help us celebrate the end of the school year in the dorkiest of fashions. This month we will be meeting on Monday May the 21st at the Yellow Jacket Social Club (1704 East 5th St, Austin, TX 78702). We are moving the time back a bit, to make sure the day’s heat has a chance to dissipate and to make sure we have enough inky darkness for projector-ing. We have a few great presentations lined up, but could fit in another one or two – if you have something you’d like to show off, please get in touch with us at We hope to see you all on the 21st!

Yellow Jacket Social Club
May 21, 2012
8p to 10p
1704 East 5th St, Austin, TX 78702

Dorkbot34: Dorkbot & ATX Hackerspace at SXSW Create

SXSW Create
Finally we can announce our exciting new joint venture as we join forces with our good friends at the ATX Hackerspace to help put together SXSW Create, a Voltron-style all-day event of general awesomeness!

Next Tuesday, March 13th, we will be taking over Palm Park, located at 750 E 3rd Street, just East of the Austin Convention Center, from 11:00am to 6:00pm. Official info here:

First, let’s tear the duct tape off the bad news – this is an official SXSW event, intended for badge holders only :-( This isn’t ideal, but don’t forget about our event with AMODA this Saturday night (, which is certainly open to the public :-)

(Also, mums the word, but the rumor has it that unlike some summers, which can be fairly Dork-less, this summer is shaping up to be quite Dork-tastic indeed. More details as they become available.)

Now for the good news:

Free beer!
Tons of our outstanding Dorkbot presenters giving updated presentations of their latest work!
A hacker village full of excellent work by the ATX Hackerspace!
A closing performance by our favorite hacker rock stars, Ghost Ghost!

We look forward to seeing you there!