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people doing strange things with electricity

The last meeting of the season took place at 7pm on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 at Location One in SoHo.


It featured the antigenic drifting of:

Chris Jordan, Enki Andrews, Glen Duncan, Sean McIntyre: Experiments in A Historic Clock Tower in Queens
For three months, a historic clock tower in Queens became an experimentation platform for four artists working with technology. Enki (Enki Andrews) worked on photography and light, utilizing the interior of the 1927 clock tower as his muse. Spec (Glen Duncan) and Cj (Chris Jordan) set up cameras to record long stretches of time of the city and nearby surroundings. Sean McIntyre, with some assistance from Spec, used the vantage as a key node in a mesh network as part of his ITP thesis project, networking numerous technology art groups together with line-of-sight wi-fi antennas and repeaters. Chris will also discuss his installation using period technology to create the installation, "Locost Queue", which projected light on the four clock faces. Each one will discuss the specific challenges and successes gleaned from working together in the clock tower.

SENSORSTAR Labs: Graffiti Fone
Graffiti Fone is an interactive installation that turns your smartphone into a spray paint can to let you draw virtual graffiti on a projection wall. Using a webcam and computer vision algorithms, Graffiti Fone tracks your phone as you draw with different colors to facilitate a playful experience of impromptu collaboration and creativity. SENSORSTAR Labs is a prototype engineering group in New York City that leverages broad expertise from electrical engineering to software and mobile app development to reimagine what it means to interact with the world around us. We'll discuss the workings and future thoughts for Graffiti Fone as well as other dreams and realities.

Michelle Levy: Never Letting Go of the Myth
Michelle Levy is as much fanatic and loyal follower as she is artist and facilitator. Fascinated by particular characters (real and fictional) and the culture that forms around iconic figures, she explores the fundamental human desires to find answers about oneself in others, and to encounter magic that allows us to transcend the limitations of our own reality. Michelle will share her recent ongoing obsessions: a series of creative attempts to make a beloved fictional character real, and the inspired vision that drove her to transform an ordinary person into a virtual deity.

Douglas's pics from the meeting


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