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people doing strange things with electricity

the two hundred eleven thousandth dorkbot-nyc meeting was held on 01.oct.2003 at the Columbia University Computer Music Center.

it featured the lovely and talented:

Camille Utterback

Camille will present a number of her innovative video tracking pieces, including the widely exhibited 'Text Rain' created with Romy Achituv in 1999, and 'Liquid Time Series - New York' displayed last winter at The Kitchen here in New York. She will also present other sensor based artwork including the first pieces in her new 'Potent Objects' series. This series of reactive objects explores our social anxiety about machines which can feel or emote. All of Utterback's work, whether installation or object, uses interactivity to refocus attention on the embodied self in an increasingly mediated culture. Utterback is the recipient of numerous awards including a Rockefeller Foundation New Media Fellowship (2002-2003) a commission from the Whitney Museum for their Art Port Website (2002), and inclusion in the'TR100 - the top 100 innovators of the year under 35' by MIT's Technology Review (2002). Camille also develops custom installations for commercial and museum settings via her company Creative Nerve.

Chris Jordan

For the past 10 years Chris Jordan has been working outside the projector, creating motorized low-tech slide collages with hand-made devices. He will be presenting a number of these devices, with a discussion about his working process and the integral political ideas he addresses.

Chris Jordan is a visualist creating interactive projection installations in a multitude of environments. His work creates dialogues through the use of imagery and interfaces ranging from trippy to meditative, with a tremendous degree interaction.

Jason Van Anden

Jason Van Anden creates sculptures that interact with their audience and each other through physical gesture, facial expressions, and sounds. These are meant to embody Jason's personal odyssey in understanding his own behavior in relation to others in the world. Since presenting "Neil" at ArtBots this summer, Jason has been hard at work finishing Neil's codependent counter-part "Iona". If all goes well, Jason plans on presenting both together for the first time to this month's Dorkbot attendees.

some images from the meeting are here.

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