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people doing strange things with electricity

This dorkbot-nyc meeting took place at 7pm on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 at Location One in SoHo.

It featured the 1.5μs @ 0.3v, 4.7μs @ 0.0v, and 4.7μs @ 0.3v of:

Taeyoon Choi: "Speakers' Corners"
"Let's talk about Democracies. Democracy as in IKEA and shipping containers, as in Open Source and Free Stuff, as in Organic and Facebook, as in Christmas lights at Occupy Wall Street." "Speakers' Corners" is a growing body of work made during a year long fellowship at Eyebeam in 2011. Most of the projects are made spontaneously by hacking found electronics and re-purposing abandoned furniture from the street. The projects, along with participatory performance and intervention in urban public spaces, question the conditions of different democracies. Signs include captions such as "The only real freedom is free as in Free Beer," "Bored," "Citizen/Alien," and "Friend/Enemy," The project may appear to be ambivalent on political intention, however it is clearly optimistic about opening up a space for conversation.

Zosha Di Castri: AKKORD I (for flute, piano, electronics, and sculpture)
Akkord I is the first piece in a series that I hope to develop exploring performance works for live musicians, electronics, and kinetic sculptural installations. These eclectic elements theatrically interact in unusual and unexpected ways. This talk will address some of the creative/technical steps and discoveries made along the way, and will reflect on possible ways this project might grow in the future.

LoVid and Sean Montgomery: iParade
iParade is a series of locative media-works that are released exclusively as a cross-platform free App. The video, sound, texts, and images in this work are inspired by specific geographic locations and are accessible only in those locations. To watch the work in full, visitors need to physically relocate themselves to access uploaded segments that are linked to each particular location. As we gear up to the big premiere of iParade#2 in June 2012, we will give Dorkbot a sneak-peak of the project and how we did it, talk about why we like doing it, and discourage everyone from ever making such a horrible mistake.

Douglas's pics from the meeting
Roberto Tobar's pics from the meeting

NEXT MEETING: 05 Sept 2012


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