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people doing strange things with electricity

The 2g3s-th dorkbot-nyc meeting took place at 7pm on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 at Location One in SoHo.

The meeting was free and open to the public. People brought snacks to share. YUMM.

It featured the subsessile and stipule-free:

Steve Wang, Ed Chin and Paul Orlando: Chatfe
Chatfe lets people have interesting voice conversations with strangers. Details of each talker are private, so people opt in to talks based on their true interest. We're learning a lot about how people have voice conversations with strangers and we're using what we learn to improve our design, by observing users and getting feedback. We'll present some of our early-stage findings and comparisons with other media. We'll also demo Chatfe. We love talking about our work, so please come and talk to us at Dorkbot or afterwards.

Jie Qi: Paper Computing -- bendable, foldable, cutable hardware
Paper computing refers to combining paper and unconventional materials like conductive paints, textiles and threads to create soft, crafty and open electronics. Open means that the circuitry is taken out of the box (literally!) and exposed in ways such that the traces are both functional and expressive. Open also refers to the sense that paper electronics is accessible: it is inexpensive, requires little specialized equipment and paper is a familiar material. I will talk about some interesting projects that use paper computing, as well as go over some useful materials, methods and resources for making your own.

Rory Solomon and Marek Walczak: [here][now]
[here][now] is an open, ongoing project that uses virtual reality as a way to explore spatial environments and how they are perceived. The project takes as starting points Kevin Lynch's mind maps and Constant Nieuwenhuys' "New Babylon" project, and is manifested in several different modes: workshops that explore personal maps and aggregated subjectivities, immersive 3D interactive installations, and exhibitions documenting findings. Our latest work concerns creating an open toolkit to allow others to expand this process. The project is implemented with VRML situated in a Rube Goldberg machine of newer technologies.

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Next meeting: 03 March 2010

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