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people doing strange things with electricity

The seventeen thousand twenty third dorkbot-nyc meeting took place on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004 at 7pm at the Columbia University Computer Music Center (see directions below)

It featured the lovely and talented:

Brian Whitman

Overfitting: three recent projects take advantage of machine learning's caustic temperament, finding confusion and beauty on the edges of its generalization bounds. "Eigenradio," an optimal broadcast station, amplifies flaws in matrix factorization techniques currently in wide use for surveillance and marketing. "Our Automatic Madonna," a pathologically imitative synthesizer that attempts to grow popular music from a database of 250,000 instrument samples, is cruelly bound by its over-generalized "sounds-like" heuristic function. "Exploding Hillsdale," an interactive demonstration of DARPA sponsored kernel machine super-resolution approaches applied to aerial orthophoto maps, intends to show where the missile silos are hidden in my former New Jersey home town (pop 10,087) but suffers from scientist-provided bias and over-eager leaps of statistically inferred faith.

Philip Galanter

Philip will present video and a software demo/walkthrough related to his latest work Chaotic Conductor. Chaotic Conductor is an installation that uses a system of coupled pendulums and Jitter based computer vision to explore the intersection of visual art, music, and chaos theory. It is currently on display as part of the College Art Association group show "Suspension: Sonic Absorption" at Seattle's Consolidated Works.

Josh Nimoy

Josh will talk about "BallDroppings," a recent musical software toy/art that grew unexpectedly contagious on the net during the last couple of months. He will also show surrounding software art pieces to give better conceptual context to the one contagious project. Nimoy is an graduate ITP student at NYU, having studied design and media arts since 1998 at UCLA, and having been an art student since he can't remember.

some images from the meeting are here.

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