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people doing strange things with electricity

the two hundred eleven thousandth dorkbot-nyc meeting was held on 05.march.2003 at the Columbia University Computer Music Center.

it featured the lovely and talented:

Jason Freeman: Music for people with long attention spans and music for people with short attention spans: recent and current software art which algorithmically remixes audio. METAMIX (2002) turns a single source track into a new work which can often last longer than the age of the universe. NAG (currently under development) turns gnutella search queries into chaotic audio collages.
jason at jasonfreemen net

Phillip Stanley-Marbell: Presents two very simple programs that graphically render various sorts of information---text, machine system statistics, network traffic, code (e.g. the programs themselves)---and briefly, the platform (Inferno) on which they run.
pstanley at ece cmu edu

Ricardo Miranda and John Arroyo: You may have purchased flowers from one of them at the corner deli and you most likely have eaten a meal prepared by one of them at a Soho restaurant. Well, if the meal wasn't prepared by one of them then the dishes were certainly washed by them. They are new immigrants usually undocumented from south of the border. Although they bag people's groceries and dominate the service industry, have you wondered what they went through to reach New York City or how they survive on meager wages? If not, come and play and take a look at Vagamundo: A Migrant's Tale, the video game in an street vendor's cart that reflects upon the plight of illegal immigrants in New York City.
john_arroya at hotmail com

some images from the meeting are here.

the next dorkbotnyc meeting is on wednesday, april 2nd, 2003.

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