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people doing strange things with electricity

the two hundred seventeen thousandth dorkbot-nyc meeting was held on 06.nov.2002 at the Columbia University Computer Music Center.

it featured the lovely and talented:

Ethan Bordeaux, Ben Recht, Noah Vawter, Brian Whitman
Chiclet: A tiny and powerful hardware platform for algorithmic synthesis and composition, coming soon to a record store near you.

Elaine Freitas:
presents a video from the last performance of her project REFLECT, an interactive dance/music work. After the video, she'll go over the technical set up for the performance, as well as some aesthetical issues that gave birth to the piece. Freitas is a composer in the graduate program at Columbia University.

Adam Berenzweig:
Playola: A music similarity browsing system, where you can find new music by moving around in a music "space" and listening to songs that are nearby in the space. It's audio-based (not based on metadata or user contributions) and uses machine learning to model various features like genre belongingness, male/female vocal quality, etc.

Yves Bernard:
iMAL, the Interactive Media Arts Lab in Brussels, Belgium

some images from the meeting are here.

the next dorkbotnyc meeting is on wednesday, december 4th, 2002.

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