ARTIST: The Apartment
TITLE: Electromusetic Sound
LENGTH: 3:59
DATE: 2005

This Song, Electromusetic Sound, was created using only fully electronic means. The voices where created with the ATT Crystal Voice TTS program online and then beat-matched with Ableton live. All the melodies, bass-lines plus the main drone and some of the bird sounds where designed from scratch on my Roland SH-32 Synthesizer. All beat creation was done on my Korg Electribe drum machine. I provided extra sound effects plus one violin-sounding part by patching an old broken four track into itself (creating feedback loops) and then adjusting the tone and pitch of the feedback by turning the EQ knobs on each channel, sampling the results, and splicing it up on the computer. All final sequencing and mixing was done on a P.C. running Fruity Loops. Anyways I hope you enjoy.

The Apartment
Seattle, WA
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