ARTIST: Brion Kinne
TITLE: Where Did All These Dust Bunnies Come From?
LENGTH: 4:26

"Where Did All These Dust Bunnies Come From?" is an experiment with negative space in audio, approaching composition from what might be similar visually to cubism, where the perspective is distorted. With most compositions and music, there is a linear wall of sound without empty or silent spaces. Live DJs demonstrate this concept clearly by blending and weaving together a continuous audio palette. In "Where Did All These Dust Bunnies Come From?" the composition is written so it sounds as if it were stretched out like a slinky and slowed down to reveal empty spaces - negative space - between the notes, but without the effect of slow-motion morphed audio. Almost all of the notes and instruments are sounded out in real time, with quiet moments between them. The perspective of time and space has been stretched and altered, like in cubism. In "Where Did All These Dust Bunnies Come From?" there is also no real beginning or end. The recording is designed to be looped without a discernible start or endpoint, and lack obvious climaxes, resolutions or thematic developments found in most compositions. The recording was created using samples of actual instruments and Digital Performer as the sequencer.

Brion Kinne
Seattle, WA
brionkinne AT