ARTIST: Carl Juarez
TITLE: Interstellar Intercept
LENGTH: 4:07

Interstellar Intercept (#23 in the Posthuman Ethnography series) combines two recordings made nearly 25 years apart using fundamentally dissimilar technologies yet employing related concepts of temporal manipulation. Sounds were generated or transduced into patterns of magnetic flux embodying analog or digital information; once rendered malleable, they were then orchestrated and mixed in the digital domain. Structurally this composition, with its multiple overlays of self-similar material, resembles fractal (1/f) music and some Javanese gamelan.

I began with some of my first experimental musical recordings from 1980, created from the autogenerative feedback of a cassette recorder. These were time-stretched by repeated use of analog tape speed manipulation, then time-compressed to approximately two seconds in length. No noise reduction was used in these processes, the result being that the original signal has been largely overwhelmed by noise and at some points harmonics of the local electrical grid¹s 60-cycle hum. These textures have been supplemented with a location recording made with a digital camera earlier this year, which has been stretched several times in duration, pitch-shifted into audible range, and further processed.

This material was assembled and mixed with minimal processing in Pro Tools at Heurihermilab in December 2004.

Carl Juarez
Seattle, WA
cjuarez AT