ARTIST: Chenard Walcker
TITLE: Electricity
LENGTH: 5:00
DATE: 2005

This tune was created from samples of songs that contain the word "electricity" in their title. I've used electric scissors and electric glue to do the track, using the same old cut and paste way. Here's below a complete listing of the original tracks I've been wired to:

     Anathema - Electricity
     Borknagar - Epic chambers of electricity
     Blood Axis - Electricity
     Captain Beefheart - Electricity
     Drinking Electricity - Breakout
     London Elektricity - Do you believe (dub mix)
     Memory Boy - (there is no) Elecricity
     Mike Ladd - How Electricity Really Works
     Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Electricity
     Racebannon - Electricity
     The Avalanches - Electricity
     The Shipping News - All by Electricity
     Whale - Electricity

Chenard Walcker was born and raised upon no secret formula but this one: Surrealist altruism.

So, he became a cut and paste addict. He made his first steps in the visual field, but soon set aside photocollages to concentrate only on music. has been online since march 2003 and presents a large selection of his work as a samplecore artist, whatever this might mean. All the music is available in both the Free Sample Zone and the Internet Archive.

Yann Chenard lives in la Goutte d'Or, Paris, France.

Yann Chenard
Paris, France
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