TITLE: Modern Day Gavel
LENGTH: 3:36

"Modern Day Gavel" is a selection from Ffej's self-released CD Patterns in the Storm Vol. I. The album consists of musical pieces generated by a wide variety of techniques in analog synthesis and random synchronization. Mechanical polyrhythms are created by fine tuning a number of time based factors in the music such as oscillators, arpeggiators, trigger rates, envelopes, sequencing and delay. Imagine music made to the out of sync turn signals on cars lined up in the turning lane. The results range from that of an agitated frenzy to a full bodied drone. This song has turned out among the few that some may consider "danceable", probably because it's the only one that incorporates MIDI. And it is, indeed, a synthesizer making that noise, not an angry chipmunk.

Ffej is a synth player, songwriter and experimentalist residing in Seattle, WA. As well as performing his own material solo, he has added his sonic landscaping to projects as diverse as the space rock of Little LuAnn to the noise music onslaught of Mutant Data Orchestra. He is often involved with the endeavors of the collective of experimental musicians called the SoniCabal and he is the host of the weird music showcase, Cognitive Dissidents.

Jeff Mandel
Seattle, WA
ffej AT ffejsite.com