ARTIST: Filastine
TITLE: Figuig
LENGTH: 3:07

Ghostly cutups of some railway station ambiences layered over programmed beats in 7/8 time, enhanced by synthesized bass in the lower realms of hertz. Composed chiefly in the dusty Saharan frontier town of Figuig on a thin silver laptop. Natural instruments erhu and cello added in a recording session back in the Northwest.

Filastine works to disrupt the parameters of popular music and to explore the chaos and vitality found in the margins. He is studied in rhythms from Calcutta to Marrakech. He is currently applying this knowledge to the creation of electronic-based material, traveling frequently with a mobile system to collaborate and produce music anywhere. Previous work includes the street bateria Infernal Noise Brigade and the music/performance band !tchkung!.

Filastine c/o Post Word Industries
Seattle WA
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