TITLE: I Invented Electricity (Dorkmix)
LENGTH: 8:15

The main sound source for this piece was a instrument cable that was not plugged into any instrument. Different amounts of pressure where applied to various areas of the exposed end to alter the sound and a distortion effect was used to greatly amplify the signal.

I Invented Electricity was originally created in 2002 for a special CD to coincide with a tour of Japan with Solid Eye, Speculum Fight and MSBR.

inBOIL is an exploration in the careful art of sound generated from silence, slowly nurtured into a saturated eclipse. This solo project of Carl Farrow uses advanced sampling and synthesis techniques to transform familiar sounds into abstract music. inBOIL often begins with a simple palette of sounds (whispers, a bell, running water) then develops these into a complex, turbulent force. From soothing to seething, with sudden jolts and expansive floating timbres, inBOIL is an exploration of the physical nature of sound.

Seattle, WA
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