ARTIST: Lucas Kuzma
LENGTH: 11:33

Giving voice to encroaching insecurity, the work's three movements paint a dismal picture of things to come. Powerlessness as aleatoric composition. Painstaking cutting and placing as touching glimmers of hope. Romantic scenery, cabaret cacophony, windy streets in the grey dawn light. Serene harmonious vistas give way to an atonal scourge, generative processes are set loose and reined back in. The extended vocals employed by singer Jesse Quattro lend a haunting human air to fierce mechanical churning. Andrew Kitchen's complex drum work is deconstructed and reassembled amidst robotic pulses, guidance systems, falling concrete.

Custom Reaktor patches were built for granular scattering and frequency-selective delay processing. Generative MIDI processes were set up to augment human composition. The final project was mixed in Logic.

Lucas Kuzma is a media artist, musician, programmer, and interaction designer. His works utilize generative systems for the production of aural and visual art, explore the confluence of sound and space, and examine data mappings between time, space, and frequency domains. He has performed live techno in Berlin, lectured on generative music in Los Angeles, had a solo show in Chinatown, and is now attempting to settle in New York. Kuzma holds a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Philosophy with an Artificial Intelligence minor from Case Western Reserve University and an MFA in Design and Media Art from UCLA.

Lucas Kuzma
Brooklyn NY
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