ARTIST: Lullabelle
TITLE: ?Somos Magneticos?
LENGTH: 3:57

Lullabelle realized a little while ago that all sound is converted to electricity when manipulated by technology at the hands of humans... And, in keeping with the spirit of the law, lest the letter be betrayed, we've decided to do some strange things with as disparate a group of sounds as possible... In this song, we've brought together voices trapped by hand-held tape recorders, radio transmissions bounced off distant planets, pure unspoiled sine waves, the crackle of electrical fences, clumsy drunken flamenco guitars, hums of different cycles, chopped up themes to ancient video games, and of course, beats. Aaaaah, the eternal beat, who would we be without it? Lullabelle are beatwhores to be sure, just as a human ain't a human without a heart... We'd like to think of ourselves as strange people doing things with electricity. If it ain't catchy, why kiss it?

Seattle, WA
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