ARTIST: Martin McCavitt
TITLE: Three Events
LENGTH: 4:47

This is a self-generating real-time modular synthesis network. LFO and envelopes are output from Subtractor synthesizers + NN19 samplers. These outputs are'virtual' control voltages. The outputs are then patched into control voltage inputs for pitch, amplifier, gate, envelope and mod wheel depth, etc.. Control voltage values can be changed on the front face of each module (knobs such as LFO depth and rate, sample solo toggle, etc). Changes in knob values are recorded into the Reason sequencer. The sequencer now becomes a kind of random access repository of controller information. The sequencer does not have to be in play mode. Instead, the playback position wiper is dragged to various locations within the sequence.

These locations are meant to represent points on a time line. However, the sequencer now becomes more like a map - one can see the whole picture simultaneously, and can decide to jump from a point to any other location. One can stay at the chosen sequencer location as long as desired. The performing is now interacting with a spatial interface in time, but not bound by the time that is meant to be represented by the sequence.

When a location is selected by positioning the play wiper, all the controller values at that location are sent to the synth and sampler modules, and the values on the mudules change. Thereby, the performer is able to instantly change the value of an unlimited number of 'knobs' (insead of only being able to turn 1 or 2 knobs at a time by hand). The performer cen practice with the network in order to be familiar with the sonic changes that occur at different sequencer locations.

Mixer values are also recorded into a sequencer track. So a location can also yield mutes, solos, changes in volume,send and pan position, etc.. Matrix step sequencers are also employed. The performer can press 'play' on an individual Matrix, or the whole sequence can be put into play mode (even for a few seconds), which will cause the step sequencers to play from that position, unless a control value has been programmed at that point which tells the Matrix not to play.

Programmed in Reason 1.0.

Marty McCavitt is an artist living in Richmond, VA. Unmarried, father of three great kids.

Over the years, I have made some kind of living as a musician - played piano and sax in numerous top 40, country, soul, swing, and jazz bands. Wrote music for corporate videos and ads. Performed with Idio-Savant, The Tom and Marty Band, Famous Actors from Out of Town, Mao Amore, Jones + McCavitt and Birds in the Meadow.

I like to perform live. 99% of my creative live is spent not performing. This time is used for computer and synthesizer programming, experimenting, writing music, writing improv etudes, instrument modifications and inventions, rehearsing solo or with other musicians and recording. But my performances are generally improvised.

Martin McCavitt
Richmond, VA
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