ARTIST: Roger Hayes
TITLE: Untitled
LENGTH: 9:15

My music is oriented toward various modes of editing. I released a full length LP which was of Musique Concrete edits done on ¼" tape, the sound source being primarily guitar. This track has been spliced by hand from reel tape before being bumped to both DAT tape and 4-track cassette. Multi-tracks were mixed to the computer, then further edited to change the sequencing, and effects were added. This was over a period of two years. The material has been released on a CDR label in Poland.

My background is in visual art and music. The two interests are synonymous and go back many years. I find that they help inform my aesthetics in an interdisciplinary way. I have always had an enthusiasm for abstract forms of music and have always enjoyed musique concrete and improvised music. These influence my approach to painting.

I worked in radio for several years at KMUN in Astoria, developing a feel for improvised mixing on air, and work in the medium of reel to reel tape. My music tries to reflect any number of approaches to the sequencing and editing of sound, relying on the general feeo of electro-acoustic music. I also seek to create a new point of reference for the guitar in a non-traditional setting, while hopefully evoking the timelessness of the guitar as a narrative instrument.

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