ARTIST: Shaun Wilson
TITLE: Statica
LENGTH: 5:14
DATE: 2004

The philosopher P.F. Strawson who described, in The Individuals, a universe called 'no space world', influences this artwork. He created the hypothetical world based on the idea it had no form except sound, whereby living creatures were audio signatures, coexisting through a series of bips, noises and distortions.

I created the artwork using a series of manipulated recordings of static electricity and blended it with other noises to produce a universe not unlike Strawson's description. The main part of my sound universe comes from slowed down static noises that created a sense of spatiality, defining up and down, here and there, too and fro.

The title of the artwork, Statica, is derived from the words 'static' and 'galactica' (as in galaxy).

Shaun Wilson
Tasmania, Australia
shaunpaulwilson AT