ARTIST: Toby Paddock
TITLE: Magnambience_m3
LENGTH: 6:13

Every electronic device has electrical currents running around inside.
And every current generates a magnetic field.
And some of these fields are in the audio frequency band.
And some of these leak out and join with the electromagnetic soup that surrounds us.
And a very few passed through the wires in some homemade pickup coils.
And induced currents in the wires.
And these currents flowed into the mic jack of an audio recorder.
And got recorded.

This is a recording of the stray audio frequency magnetic fields in an electronics test lab. Pickup coils are waved around the room, like Spock with a tricorder, sniffing out normally unheard sounds from computers, monitors, motors, test equipment, and a wall thermostat with an unexpected beepy heartbeat. The homemade pickup is two 5000 turn air-core coils orientated 90 degrees from each other for stereo. As recorded to minidisc, no effects, processing, editing, or EQ.

Toby Paddock is an amateur electronics & sound tinkerer, odd controllers for analog music synthesizers enthusiast, blinky light watcher, and field recordist. Enjoys connecting things to other things. Can not play even one song on any instrument.

Toby Paddock
Seattle, WA