ARTIST: Yann Novak
TITLE: An End and a Beginning
LENGTH: 5:52

Reconstruction of an audio tape from 3/8/52 of the Buslee family in their parlor. All other sounds are synthesized, 6/04.

My objective as an artist is to create artwork that is an investigation of my response to the world. Using collage as my means of investigation I employ various sets of sounds or visual images. I deconstruct these to create something new out of my subconscious responses. I believe that through this process I will gain a deeper understanding of my means of logic and reasoning. Using this interdisciplinary approach to art, in the future I intend to explore the interaction between visual and auditory collage.

Yann Novak was born in Madison, WI in 1979. At an early age, he became interested in the worlds of both music and visual art. He developed his primary medium, collage, via pieces which combined found photographs with his own drawings, and prerecorded LPs with loops and live instruments. In the 1990s, Novak performed and exhibited his work throughout the vibrant Madison café art scene.

In 2000, Novak moved to Seattle and refined his methods, trading in found images for original photographs and watercolors, and turntables and vinyl records for a Mini Disc recorded and a laptop, in order to achieve a more in-depth style of production. Novak has released set of 5 limited edition 3-inch CDs "Three Inches for Friends". In addition, he has produced two film soundtracks, for "Learning" (which he also produced), and "Neptune" (produced by Brian Murphy). Both movies premiered at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, in 2003 and 2004, respectively.

Novak's work has withstood a series of changes in method while always retaining and refining the strengths of his unique aesthetic, exploring the overlap and intersection between presence and absence, art and design, sound and music.

Yann Novak
Seattle, WA
yann AT yannnovak.com