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august 10, 2005

Erik Pineiro

Is software development carried out with the help of sacrifices and rituals? Wasn't programming meant to be a strictly rational endeavour? What are we taught at a computer science degree? Erik Pineiro has written a PhD thesis on the subject of the beauty of (software) code. At Dorkbot he will present one of the fundamental ideas of his thesis: the role of sacrifice and ritual in computer programming.



John Paul Bichard

"I would like to talk about my work which mainly covers the relationship between the game space and the ´real'. To date this has included exploring evidence spaces where generic game style scenes are recreated as real crime scenes; an in-game photoshoot of crime scenes in Max Payne 2 and now in my research in a project with the Interactive Institute that sets out to develop games in the everyday environment - you can see more here http://www.hydropia.org/john - as it is a relatively short presentation I will primarily deal with the evidence spaces and the relationship between the game space and the real."



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