Thursday, Apr 12, 2007

7 p.m. at the Georgia Tech Music Department (Couch Building 207)

This month's dorkbot-atl features presentations about two of the installations at the recent Listening Machines concert which were developed by students and faculty in the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech.

Directions are here.

Aimee Rydarowski



Grillwork is a kinetic relief sculpture that functions as a mechatronic art object as well as an abstract interactive information visualization and ambient display. It uses the motion of 100 CPU fans on a reactive surface to depict an abstracted representation of the acoustic environment that surrounds it. The function of the object varies depending on the behavior of people sharing its acoustic space; they may choose to be an active participant or passive observer. Collaborators include Ayoka Chenzira and Ozge Samanci.

Ali Mazalek and the Xperimental Media Group

Flora Electronica


"Flora Electronica" is an electronic/computational garden that acts as a real-time media performance space. The inhabitants of the artificial garden are reactive plants equipped with sensors and actuators, allowing them to respond to the visitors who pass through the space. Clustered into three groups, the plants respond through light, sound and movement, influencing the overall emotional tone of the space. The garden invites interaction on the part of the visitors, who can entice the plants into enacting captivating robo-media performances. Through video and data capture, the garden also maintains a web presence. Remote visitors can influence the garden from afar in order to stage and broadcast video performances online.

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