Dan's Ambisonic Microphone

The Ambisonic Microphone

Dan Hemingson is the ACTLab TV’s Lead Audio Engineer. His work has been so successful that he recently presented his work to the Audio Society of Engineers in Munich Germany. His work in the ACTLab includes surround sound environments, microphone development and audio hardware development.

ProjectAmbisonic microphone and recordings – Dorkbot 22

Using only a few dollars worth of microphones, some custom circuitry, and a little bit of post-processing, Dan is able to create three-dimensional audio environments that rival the atmosphere created by thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Check out dan’s website for details more on some of his work.

More about Dan Hemingson:

Dan Hemingson made his first audio recordings on a wire recorder and a Wilcox-Gray disc recorder in about 1953 and 4 years later received his amateur radio operator license, building his transmitter from surplus military equipment.  While a high school senior, he built a digital computer from discrete components, winning a Ford Foundation Future Scientists of America Award.  He worked for 30 years for LaCoste and Romberg, Inc., a manufacturer of gravity meters, then for Avnet Corporation as a programmer, and for Brookhaven Instruments, where he designed a digital storage oscilloscope for use in ion implanters.

Since 1964, he has been a sound engineer at the First Baptist Church of Austin.  In 1974, he formed Audio Productions Company, providing sound and recording services for corporations.  In 2004, he returned to The University of Texas at Austin where he was introduced to surround sound by Professor Sandy Stone of the Advanced Communications Technology Laboratory and Professors Mark Sarisky and Bruce Pennycook of the Butler School of Music.  He is a recording engineer for the Butler School of Music.