Update: John Boiles will be presenting 2 new projects during Dorkbot 23 @ SXSW Interactive on 3/13, 6-8pm in Brush Square Park!

John Boiles lives in Austin, Texas, where he writes software, builds things, and presents his amazing ipod and internet controlled devices at Dorkbot Austin

ProjectDimletDorkbot 21

The Dimlet is an ipod touch controlled light dimmer circuit.  By reading accelerometer output in four directions, a user is able to control the power output of four independent electrical sockets.  The Dimlet was originally built for a friend’s party in July 2009.  John’s Dimlet video is not to be missed!

Project:  Tilty – the ipod touch controlled RC car – Dorkbot 21

Project:  Christmas-spirit-meter (powered by twitter!) – Dorkbot 22

The Christmas-spirit-meter monitors twitter and adjusts Christmas light intensity based on a 2-week moving average of Christmas-related tweets.  John is hoping to finish the spirit-meter prior to Christmas 2009 – if not, we’re sure it will be easy enough to convert into a president’s day-spirit-meter

Projectiphone controlled oldsmobileDorkbot 22

John worked with the guys at Waterloo labs to adapt his iphone-controlled RC car into an iphone-controlled actual car…  And then surf it.

Check out John’s website for details more on some of his work.