Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the creative tomfoolery at Dorkbot 25. A special thanks goes to the Austin Hackerspace for hosting the event. Also thank you to our presenters: Jonathan and Sharon with their masks, Christian and his UberHoop, the guy who brought his obstacle-detecting tank-bot (plz add to comments if anyone knows his name), Lindsay Greene of The Dead Left and his square-wave distortion boxes, and of course The Dead Left for a fantastic performance at the end of the event.

In case you weren’t able to make it out last night, here’s a sample of what you missed. Yes, you missed the LED throwies (which Hackerspace member do I have to thank for those little gems?). You missed custom-molded Halloween masks, an announcement about the Dorkbot-Arduino 101 class coming up in November, a raffle to give away some fantastic hackable electronic components (though I think Dustin was secretly just cleaning out his closets), a great band, and a fantastic space for hacking and working on whatever project you little maker-heart desires.

That said, how could we ever top Halloween-o-rama? With Dorkbot 26 of course! Coming your way in November. Details coming soon. If you or someone you know would like to present at the next event, just contact us. laura [at] eastsidehovel [dot] com or milsyobtaf [at] gmail [dot] com.

Christian Miller’s UberHoop in action during last night’s intermission. Thanks to Katie and Nate for hooping!

Lindsay Greene presenting his square wave distortion boxes that he uses when performing with The Dead Left.

Lindsay Greene and Lauren Gurgiolo of The Dead Left performing at Dorkbot 25.