70+ in attendance during Dorkbot 27. MightyOhm is presenting his Wi-fi Internet Radio in this photo.

Thanks to all who attended and presented at Dorkbot 27: Electric Boogaloo at the UT ACTLab last night. We had a great group of presenters.

Here’s the list of last night’s presenters. Craig Newswanger wins the award for ‘Fastest Providing of Follow-up Data After a Dorkbot Presentation’. He presented last night, then sent links this morning. How’s that for service?

  1. Craig and Sally Newswanger – Homemade 3d video cameras with demo.
  2. Ben Urick and Brandt Westing from TACC VisLab (@TACC_Hedda) – Multi-touch IR surface display on a movable, swiveling board. “Blackboard 2.0″
  3. Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) – Wi-Fi Internet Radio Project
  4. Arthur Kendrick (@arthurkendrick) – stop-motion, rotoscoped video presentation
  5. Christian Miller (@levelset) – Arduino controlled LED belt

Photos from Dorkbot 27 courtesy of Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm)