We’re back for May! Join us May 18th at ATX Hackerspace for the next installment of Dorkbot awesomeness!

7pm doors
730pm talks

All ages!
BYOB/BYO food/snacks
Special celebration after!

Three great talks!

Brandon Wiley 
Making Your Own Mobile Phone for Fun and Privacy

Brandon will be talking about the open source hardware mobile phone project being developed by his non-profit, the Operator Foundation. It’s a phone that anyone can build easily. Building your own phone pulls back the veil of mystery that we attribute to these magical devices. You also know exactly what your phone is doing, so you don’t have to worry about tracking, hacking, or leaking of your personal data.

Andrew Darling 
Superhuman Strength with a Shoestring Budget… and Perhaps Actual Shoestrings

There is a lot of work ongoing in strength-enhancing exoskeletal systems in various corporations and universities, but the strategy is almost universally to build a wearable robot, analogous to the Iron Man suit of comics and movies. Such suits have a number of drawbacks, with tremendous power demand being the major concern. There are, however, alternative approaches that mimic biology, requiring much less power and leveraging the natural advantages of mammalian anatomy. I’ll discuss how much stronger human muscle is than most people realize, how your muscle fibers do it, and how we can use some of these biological tricks to build cheap, elegant, strength-enhancing exoskeletons with extremely low power demand.

Laura Smith 
How to start an apparel business

With 15 years of industry experience in tech and a wealth of knowledge in user-centered design, what’s the best way to take advantage of all that? Why, move into a completely different industry and start an apparel business, of course! Laura will be talking about everything you always wanted to know pursuing your passion in life!