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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


+ Balázs Tukora: The Virtual Sculpture Project

The Virtual Sculpture Project was one of the exhibited works at the Right:Here:Now sculpture exhibition last autumn, in Budapest. The Virtual Sculpture can't be seen with the unaided eye. You can see only a figure painted on the pavement. But if you take out your mobile phone, download a special JAVA application onto it, and turn the built-in camera of the phone to the figure, a sculpture appears on the display, as if it was an organic part of the surroundings.


+ Producer, Bálint Kis: Fuzzomat

Fuzzomat is the code name of an experimental system that attempts to find similarities among human faces. Fuzzomat was designed and trained to detect and categorize human faces based on common facial features, such as eyes, nose and mouth and to cluster similar faces, while providing a simple and straightforward interface to present these clusters. Producer has placed photo-booths in various parts of Budapest so that anyone could easily participate in the program by providing a photo of him/herself, and can then see those 16 people whom he/she most resembles. When your picture was taken, you could play with the search program to see if it is really able to find similar faces.

Producer presented the Fuzzomat project in 2005 developed by Bálint Kis (http://www.k-i-s.net).


+ Åsmund Gamlesæter, Alexander Berman: Living Wall

Living Wall is an ambient installation collecting, recomposing and playing sonic memories. The computational processes that take place are displayed on four LED arrays with a total number of 3000 white LEDs. The installation has microphones recording fragments of human interaction. Each new recorded fragment is analysed using an adaptive sound categorization technique, determining its relation to previously stored clips. Based on this analysis, a network of sound clips is constructed by the installation in real time.

The work is a collaboration between Åsmund Gamlesæter (http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~gamlesat) and Alexander Berman (http://www.timebend.net).