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Wednesday, April 5, 2006


+ Róbert Langh: Unstable Image Surfer Tool

The vehicle is designed to execute maneuvers in virtual panoramas, while downloading images from the Network. The way we move the LCD screen, we can examine the details of images in connection with the keyword's domain, and associate new image searches to them. The position of the physical modell is transmitted into the computer by a gyroscope, creating a new sense of reality: the changing balance converts the dynamical force into a virtual factor much better in our perception. Downloading the images can be started by the touch screen, as a part of the floating LCD screen. From the fragments of images panoramas are constructed, which the montage machine creates on the spot.

Róbert Langh has been teaching at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts since 2000. He was an associate of the C3 Foundation between 1998 and 2004, and a lecturer at the University of Applied Arts between 1995 and 1998.

+ Sota Ichikawa, Max Rheiner, Kaoru Kobata, Ákos Maróy: Corpora

Project "Corpora" is a model of intelligent processing behaviour emerging from a collection of autonomous components. Rather than dictate the design from the top down, only the basic components are created and allowed to reconfigure via a framework of open inputs. This structure could be connected to topographic parameters, weather conditions, human law, and so on.

The project is presented by Ákos Maróy, founding member of nextlab and tyrell.hungary.


+ Balázs Beöthy, Zsolt Mesterházy, Rolland Pereszlényi: Double Bubble
Interactive participatory arrangement

Welcome on board of the Double Bubble! The next stop is Indirect Communication. Please latch on to the input of the interface. Our colleague will help you in placing the sensors. The measured data are among the indirect elements of the energy household of the human body. The transmitted energy-impulses will define the movement of the selected robotic body. Bioanimation starts. From now on you won't have to move even your pinkie to maintain connection. Stay here, hence of diligence, beyond attitude, all the way till the battery supplies. Thank you for flying us!