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people doing strange things with electricity

7pm Wednesday 13th March 2002
entrance fee:
place: Limehouse Town Hall


Paul Granjon - Z Lab 1995-2002
Z Lab and related products, from the cybernetic parrot sausage to the automated forest, also including robotHead and the fluffy tamagotchi. Paul will develop on his understanding of (low-) technology in relation to electronic arts, and explain how the BBC micro influenced the Z Lab's R&D programme.
The Church of Sonology
Jo Walsh - synthetic poetics

special competition!

The evening culminated with the dorkbotlondon BBC micro BASIC programming competition, judged by BBC guru, Paul Granjon.

Winners : Az and James

The winners took home a BBC with 5 inch floppy drive and TTL monitor. Winning code will be posted soon.


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