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Present your project or idea at dorkbotlondon

Please note:
  1. Dorkbotlondon is people doing strange things with electricity. This is a broad remit covering for example electronic, robotic and software art, but if you're unsure whether your project or idea fits please please suggest it anyway and we'll give you our honest opinion. The ones that only just fit are often the best!
  2. Any questions, let us know.

The presenter's name (or presenters' names)

Your email address so we can contact you about your presentation.

A website URL for your project/presentation/self.

A short title for your project/demo/presentation

A short description - a sentence or so is fine.

Notes, for example how long would you like to present for (20 mins + questions is the usual maximum), which dates would be good for you, and what tech requirements do you have? We'll be back in touch to discuss this further.