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Last years: ThingsHappening07

Workshops, talks and other stuff will be listed here.

Presentations / demos

  • Ben Goldacre has offered to talk about bad science and maybe dismantle another quack device
  • alex m will likely show his latest software for turning words into music
  • I'm preparing new stuff and hope I will be able to present...Katiushka and Geoff
  • jag will likely show developments to his software synth 'din' since dorkcamp 2007.
  • jag, Robert_A, Geri M. and Evan (?) performing some mixed up sounds!
  • Sarah A is offering an Edison phonograph demo, with live recording onto a wax cylinder (ideal if there's a powercut) - see below

Workshops and other activities

Put your workshop below...

  • How about watching a dorky film on Saturday night? Any suggestions?
    • maybe 'Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey?' I've got the DVD (Robert_A)
    • or Real Genius! sadly, I don't have it though(Helena S)
    • I have a stash of rare, extremely dorky shorts (I'm talking about films here - not apparel) if anyone is interested. Various gems, mainly 50s/60s Cold War experiments, nuclear bunkers, early computer weirdness and so on - for instance a man with serious glasses talking about 'The Tank' which is some kind of ARPANET-style oddity. Might be good material of last resort (Sarah A)
    • How about an Ealing comedy - I have lots of these, but I was particularly thinking of [|The Titchfield Thunderbolt] or [The Man in the White Suit] Tallpaul
      • Hey! I've always wanted to see The Man in the White Suit! PeterMc
  • What about a JAM? A mega, circuit bent jam? Do you have any amplification, electrics spare for that kind of thing, under cover of rain?

(Fari b)

  • I'd like to do a workshop called "Movement for Dorks." Been taking a bunch of movement classes this year in pursuit of a more interesting presence during performances than just 'that girl frowning at the tiny screen on her camera making cool pictures on the video screen.' It's been really fun! I'll lead people through a bunch of simple movement exercises and might even teach some basic voice technique if there's interest. We'll need to figure out some creative ways to make some noise anyway, right? What about this for a tagline: The future of Dance is Dork ... ?(Helena S)
    • I'm really up for this... (alex m)
    • I am willing to have a stab (Iain S)
    • Notorious dancer is here to serve (Yoshi)
    • I probably need this! (Annie)
  • Stephanie S. indicates willingness to do a workshop on historical dance -- a dance form that has notation that looks like this should be of interest ! (Robert_A assisting)
  • Oh, and Izzy would be sad if I didn't do a little cocktail mixology lesson too. (Maybe before the movement workshop???) There's a 'vintage cocktail' craze hittin