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people doing strange things with electricity

The nine million and twenty ninth dorkbot-nyc meeting took place on Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm at Location One in SoHo.

It featured the lovely and talented:

Ge Wang: ChucK + On-the-fly Programming + the Audicle
ChucK, On-the-fly programming, and the Audicle are different parts of a new programming system and paradigm for real-time audio synthesis and multimedia. ChucK is the programming language; On-the-fly programming is the technique and aesthetic of writing/editing code during runtime; The Audicle is the context-sensitive graphical programming environment. Together, they form a theoretical and a practical framework for writing and experimenting with complex audio/multimedia programs that (1) have powerful control over time and concurrency and (2) can be created on-the-fly. We present the ChucK/Audicle framework and its potential applications for programmers, composers, and new media artists.
Anton Perich: painting machine
In the Seventies I was a video artist, photographer and a painter. I dreamed of a machine that would paint. No more hand made paintings, but machine made, with sharp electric lines, on and off, like Morse code, short and long. So in 1977/78 I built such a machine, using surplus materials from Canal Street stores. I wired some photocells to the airbrushes on the motorized scanning unit that swept an area of about 10x12 feet, hung a piece of canvas, and made my first digital painting. In his Diaries Warhol said he was terribly jealous. This machine was an early precursor of ink jet printer/scanner. This was the time long before computer and digital art. I had my first show of electric paintings at Tony Shafrazy Gallery in 1979. I am still painting with this machine every day. It keeps breaking and I keep fixing it all the time.
Carrie Dashow: recent works
I work to address and expand the ways people communicate. I like collaborating with diverse groups of people to create enjoyable collective experiences transcending what we may expect of our interactions. Using pedestrian devices, these actions push personal and social boundaries. Through the use of technology unseen and subliminal connections momentarily surface. We are the medium technology dreams it can be. I will show some work from what I call the Negotiable Camera Ensemble, synchronized multi-camera people games, Red Light Relay; a public houselight event performed by downtown residents of Troy, NY, and my attempts at a self-editing video installation called the Informants, video pods who exist after the people have descended and are no longer necessary to a revived earth.
Image gallery from the meeting

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