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people doing strange things with electricity

The nine million and twenty ninth dorkbot-nyc meeting took place on Wednesday, March 1st at 7pm at Location One in SoHo.

It featured the lovely and talented:

k.cain and b.crabtree: almost certified
almost certified (grade A noise for non-discerning consumers) is a mechanical sound installation and informative publication. a distributed network of precarious egg-tapping robots. each unit, individually amplified, features a select unconventional egg. calculated sequences emerge, conducted by beautifully rendered software on a resurrected mainframe (a sweet mac LC3). "we seek and impart knowledge, addressing alarming practices and trends in the egg industry. by promoting social consciousness we can live better through decentralization."

Chris Korda: Whorld open-source live video software
Whorld is a free, open-source Windows program that offers a unique approach to creating live digital art. Whorld generates real-time animation, but unlike most visualizers, it's designed for performing, and includes MIDI support and other features more commonly found in clip-based VJ programs. Whorld animates sacred geometry, and distorts it according to parameters that can be adjusted manually, or automated via programmable oscillators. The result is a mesmerizing, psychedelic composition of continuously transforming shapes. I'll explain and demonstrate Whorld's parameters, effects and capabilities, from basic patch editing to advanced stuff like auto-crossfading between patches and patch hybridization. You'll learn how to make art out of geometry and oscillators, without consuming anything except a bit of electricity. Can tools encourage shared vision and community instead of detachment and alienation? Could Whorld rekindle popular interest in aesthetics, and contribute to a much-needed reconciliation between art and science? We'll see.

the botmatrix: Heddatron
For the past year and a half The Botmatrix collaborated with The Les Freres Corbusier theater company on their latest play Heddatron: An adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic play Hedda Gabler complete with 5 robots. We will discuss our experiences collaborating, designing and building 5 robots for the three week theatrical run. Time permitting we will also discuss some of our other projects/events such as the annual Robot Parade! Expect lots of bot goodness.
Some images from the meeting:
Handel Low's images
Roberto Tobar's images

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