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people doing strange things with electricity

The October dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 at Location One in SoHo.

It featured the frugivory and bendy-fingered:

Katrina Cass & Alex Alsup: BBOX Radio -- Internet Radio from a Recycled Shipping Container
Downtown Brooklyn is a funny place. The Fulton Street Mall is an epicenter of shopping and style. The so-called "Brownstone Belt" encircles the mall area and has born repeated, failed, attempts to reshape downtown. BBOX Radio takes its place at the center of all this as an internet radio station built into a recycled shipping container that features original programming developed by the Brooklyn community. With a live performance venue, gallery space, and diverse roster of talk and music shows, BBOX Radio is a combination of analog and digital media -- something that can bring the Brooklyn community together in person and broadcast to the world online.

Jody Zellen: Urban Rhythms
Jody Zellen investigates ways to integrate new technologies into her practice. She has become increasingly interested in making works that involve active audience participation. To that end she creates net art projects, site specific interactive installations and is now embarking on creating artworks for mobile devices. She will talk about her interactive installations "The Blackest Spot" (2008) and "The Unemployed" (2011) currently on view at Disseny Hub Museum in Barcelona, and "Urban Rhythms" a new art app that will be available in the iPhone store soon.

T3db0t: Deconspectrum
We humans tend to treat our perceptions as holistic -- as seeing things as things, instead of as an accumulation of parts, details and features. This is the great abstracting power of the 3-pound neural network in our heads, and is a major differentiating characteristic from other computational paradigms. But what happens when we are confronted with a former whole that's been broken into its constituent parts?

"Deconspectrum" is a sound-reactive installation that takes the notion of a spectrum analyzer and pulls it apart, gutting our monolithic perception of sound and laying out its component viscera in the form of flickering, colored light-cubes, leaving them out in the open to decompose into a new autonomy.

Douglas's pics from the meeting

NEXT MEETING: 02 November 2011

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