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people doing strange things with electricity

hypothetical Q & A

q: i want to present something at dorkbot-nyc. is my project appropriate? what styles/genres/scenes does dorkbot-nyc represent?

a: dorkboy-nyc is (or tries to be) totally neutral in regard to style/genre/scene. an emphasis on the creative use of electricty is all that is required. see about for some examples of appropriate topics.

q: what if i just want an audience for my new piece?

a: short performances/demos are fine. however dorkbot-nyc isn't really a good venue for presenting things like full performances or long-form recorded sound/video pieces.

q: i make cold, hard, intense, machine-robot-skull-hammer music, and am bent on the annihilation of the human species. can i participate in dorkbot-nyc meetings?

a: yes, although annihilatory activity is prohibited at dorkbot-nyc meetings and you must leave your skull hammer at home.

q: i do soft, warm, dreamy, auto-electrolysis live performance video and founded a local PETA chapter. can i participate in dorkbot-nyc meetings?

a: yes.

q: i'm from the media, can i come and do a story on dorkbot or an individual presentation?

a: yes. dorkbot meetings are free and open to the public, so you're invited to attend. cameras and recording are generally allowed, but please contact douglas for access to a specific meeting, and please ask the presenters before you record their presentations. anything that detracts from dorkbot as a casual, fun place to share with neighbors is frowned upon. please be as unobtrusive as possible.

q: do i have to join something to participate in dorkbot-nyc?

a: no. dorkbot is free and open to the public. there are no members, dues, etc. although you are always encouraged to bring snacks to share.

q: how is "dorkbot-nyc" pronouced?

a: "alligator"

q: why are dorkbot-nyc meetings on the one day in the month i'm busy?

a: i'm sorry.

q: is dorkbot-nyc run by columbia university or location one? do i have to be affiliated with columbia university or location one to take part?

a: no. dorkbot-nyc is run by the participants in dorkbot-nyc and is coordinated by douglas repetto. the meetings are free and open to the public. the columbia university computer music center and location one have been kind enough to sponsor dorkbot-nyc and donate webspace and resources.

q: dorkbot-nyc is a stupid name.

a: i'm sorry.

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