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Dorkbot PDX has crawled out of the womb and is in the now permanent (revolutionary) process of defining itself. We are a community of creative types who enjoy experimenting, finding art in technology and pushing the limits of whatever is in front of us. We meet on an regular, informal basis every other week, but you can find out more on our meetings page. We occasionally hold larger events, so sign up for the mailing lists to find out what's going on.


It turned out to be a lot more work than I expected, but finally I've released the first beta test of Teensyduino, an add-on package for Arduino-0012 that adds support for the Teensy! I even wrote a nice gui-based installer (works on Mac, Linux and Windows).

Skipping to Electronicopia

Neener neener neener...

The Beaverton Norvac Electronics is just 10 minutes walk from my place.

Hee hee hee!


Success of a sort...

So, this last Sunday I finally had time to attend one of the open lab workshops Don has been hosting for a while now. I went hoping to either finish putting together the Benito kit I had been sitting on for months now or to build a Lo-fi Arduino guitar pedal.

you know you're hardcore when...

you buy a personalized birthday song for your multimeter. Found while looking for a service manual. ode to my agilent 34401A

Mailing list issues

It appears that at least a few people might be having issues sending email to the blabber list. If you're one of these people, please email me directly (tlockney AT gmail DOT com) and let me know the details. I'll contact the folks running the dorkbot.org servers and try to get it all straightened out.

Yes Virginia, there really is a group order this week

UPDATE: due to the new years holiday, I've gone back to the monday deadline at 5 PM to accommodate the fact that UPS does not move ground shipments on Wednesday.

Apparently I can't post to the blabber list right now, so this post is the best way i can think of to get the word out that there is a group order for this week.

sorry for the late notice.

order goes out on Monday at 5 PM to Digikey and Mouser

relevant details, as always are Here

War on Christmas Lights.

1-Wire Digial Thermometers

Thermometer Plot

My friend Wayne Downer gave me a couple of 1-Wire digital thermometers which I've now hooked up and supplemented with a few more of my own. You and I can both watch the temperatures drop at my house this week using the cool graphics I cooked up with jquery.

You'll find the live data here:

Teensy USB released

The Teensy USB Development Board is finally released! I'm still writing more web pages and working on easier example code, but everything really necessary is available.

If you want to get it at the next meeting, just place an order with the website and in the comment box on step 3, just type something like "bring to dorkbot meeting", and of course you won't get charged any shipping.

Here are a couple pictures.

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