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Next Meeting is October 13th at 7pm. (more info)

Meetings currently second Wednesday of the month at 7pm at Techshop RDU.

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October 13th Dorkbot Meeting (facebook event)

October dorkbot will feature a short presentation on interfacing electronic drum triggers to a computer. Once the sole realm of 80's synth pop, drum triggers are easy and cheap to make and a convenient way to get complex, real world data into your application (or just make cool bangy noises).

Fig 1. Piezo, not Pizza

September 8th Dorkbot Meeting (facebook event)

This month's dorkbot may very well feature two presentations: First off, Chris Rossi will present "An Inexpert Tinkerer's Introduction to Paleoelectronics: Musical Instrument Amplification with High Voltage Vacuum Tubes.", and regale us with his trials and tribulations with vacuum tubes! If time permits afterwards, Jason will show off home-made electronic drum triggers and how they can be interfaced to various software (like Pure Data, or Processing). Come one come all!

Tubes of various kinds

July 14th Dorkbot Meeting (facebook event)

Dorkbot RDU for July will have a desrciption (and hopefully a demo) of James Clark's recent interactive video installation: "torso". Torso links an xbox360 controller, video dj software, a camera, a display and a flickr account to create a video experience with the viewer.

Torso, it's what's between
your shoulders and your knees

June 9th Dorkbot Meeting (facebook event)

Dorkbot RDU for June will have another Arduino introduction for folks who were unable to make it out to the one in Carborro in February. Introduction, walkthrough, maybe a demonstration if we're lucky. What would _you_ do with an Arduino?

Behold! The Gigapan System! Tremble, mortals!

March 10th Dorkbot Meeting (facebook event)

People, the Tech Shop has moved! So please make a note of that. It's now at: 5905 Triangle Drive Raleigh, NC 27617. For more information, you can visit the website ( We're working on the assumption that they will be open in time for the March meeting (a good assumption so far, I believe).

In March, artist Jonathan Danforth will provide an introduction, demonstration, and discussion about "gigapixel" photography using the affordable GigaPan robotic camera platform, an inexpensive pocket digital camera, and the included panoramic stitching software.

Behold! The Gigapan System! Tremble, mortals!

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