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Meeting 25

Take Three: Dorkbot Movie Night - With A Vengeance!!!
Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 at 7.30pm (Power Tool Drag Races, SRL Video, etc. from 7.00 pm)
Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA
All ages, admission is free (donation to CoCA suggested)
Bring your videos and movies


(not in order or likelihood of appearance)…

FRANKLIN HU's amazing MODERN ALCHEMY EXPERIMENT in which he lights a COFFEE CAN FULL OF GUNPOWDER to transmute copper into silver: SEE THE INCENDIARY RESULTS! Also his FREEDOM WALKING FRAME demonstration video – walking has never been so easy!

JOSH BURKER's MEGA-CONCISE ULTIMATE LEGO STOP-MOTION TRILOGY, “THE LANDER”! Part 1: A People Disturbed, Part 2: Mutual Slump, Part 3: Attack on the Lander. See Lego Minifigs battle the forces of darkness - in double-quick time! Josh will also feature the short films, FISHIN' BLUES and ASSAULT ON THE LAIR.

JEFF SANDYS brings CHANNEL 9’s FEATURE on the SEATTLE ROBOTICS SOCIETY from 15 YEARS AGO: SRS thought it would be serious, but Channel 9 made a HUMOUR PIECE!

JEREMY BLAIRE MARTIN's VERY PSYCHEDELIC MOVIE – created as a backdrop to a live improvised soundscape/noise performance, he’ll give us a 20 MINUTE VERSION!

ALEXIS LOPEZ brings video of LULLABELLE in action! Hear their track for PDSTWEToo, ?Somos Magneticos?

CARL JUAREZ, a featured PDSTWEToo artist and longtime dorkbot supporter brings one, perhaps two, short MYSTERY VIDEOS!

BILL BEATY brings two of his newest favourite animations: JIM WOODRING’S WHIMGRINDER and PUSHPAW!

If MICHAEL J. LAINE can make it, he’ll show video of SPACE ELEVATOR company LIFTPORT's LATEST TEST. SEE a MILE-LONG RIBBON HANG FROM BALLOONS! See a LITTLE ROBOT climb 1500 FEET! See what happens to the LITTLE ROBOT NEXT!

And possibly… POLYNOMIAL's 15 MINUTE MYSTERY MOVIE – we can’t reach him/her, so it’s a mystery whether they’ll make it or not!


Following Movie Night, head over to the opening of LIGHT_PAPER_SOUND, a video and audio installation at 911 Media Arts Gallery by JOSEPH GRAY, GABRIEL CHRISTIAN HERBERTSON, PARIS HURLEY and BETH FLEENOR. It’s the opening night, and it’ll be a great way to finish our evening – a FIELD TRIP!!!