ARTIST: Edward Tang; Jeanne Strole - conceptual collaborator
TITLE: Threads://Porn_Personals.html
MATERIALS: Custom Written Software, Windows based Computer
DATE: March 2004

Concept developed in collaboration with Jeanne Strole.
"Threads://Porn_Personals.html" is a hybrid software work intended for live installation or as a rendered video presentation. This work combines an edited video clip from a adult film, live content from the World Wide Web, and 3D graphics programming techniques to illuminate some forms of pyschosexual and social behavior in very particular online communities. When the software is run, it connects like a web browser to "male seeking female" personals sections of a community website and downloads the page. These personals are often inappropriately sexually suggestive as men unrealistically seek out sexual partners. The software specifically parses out the headlines of the personals from the downloaded page. The video is played back within the software and analyzed pixel by pixel for color information. This information is mapped out on a plane of three dimensional spectrum of virtual light, abstracting the image and turning it into a onscreen sculptural form. The software detects the motion of sexual intercourse within the adult video clip. From the areas of most intense human sexual activity emerge the text of the personal headlines. As the software runs, the text of the personal headlines oscillates around the movement of the bodies in the video clip. The viewers of the output of the piece experience the blending of the often salacious and prurient text and a visual representation of the desires and fantasies constructing the image behind those words.

Edward Tang is a artist and PhD student at Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington. He received his MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program and his BM in Music Technology at New York University. He is a classical violinist and has worked as a freelance audio/music editor for broadcast television and new media in New York City. A native of the Seattle area, he has exhibited digital works in venues all over the world, including events in Paris, Glasgow, Warsaw, New York City, and London. His current research interests include new forms of hybrid software based works and interfaces for telematic musical performance.

Edward Tang
Seattle, WA
edtang AT antiexperience.com