ARTIST: Iole Alessandrini in collaboration with Ed Mannery
TITLE: Threshold
MATERIALS: Installation using lasers and photographic print
     • Laser plane: H 10" x W 20" x D 3/8"
     • Print: H 5" x W 4"
DATE: 01/22/05 - 03/03/05

An intangible plane of light stretching 10 feet high and 20 feet wide between walls, floor and ceiling sets the threshold between two rooms at the CoCA gallery. It is a luminous gate that appears to be opening and closing around the people as they pass through it and intersect it. A freestanding wall symmetrically located between the threshold and one inch behind the plane displays a picture of a person moving slowly across the plane.

"Emerging from experiments with lasers, optics and digital photography, Threshold explores themes of moving beyond luminous boundaries, perhaps feeling like light, radiant and intangible, like walking through walls via the imagination and flying in dreams". [excerpt from Untitled at Jack Straw Productions, 06/18/04 - 10/15/04, Seattle, WA]

"Through manipulation of light, digital media and physical space, I design and build ephemeral, controlled environments that people enter rather than observe from a distance. Light is energy: waves and particles of infinitesimal dimensions that are made visible by boundaries. Architecture is movement: a powerful and meaningful symbol that redefines space and invents new functions. Physical space in its states of transformation solicits emotional feelings and brings back memories. Light, being a remote projection from a time of which we have no memory, challenges these feelings and moves our emotions and ideas forward."

Iole Alessandrini
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