ARTIST: John Bain
TITLE: Cubist Mirror
MATERIALS: Video installation using 9 video cameras, video multiplexer,
video monitor
DATE: 2005

This installation features nine video cameras in an array in front of a video monitor. The audience is invited to face the video screen, as if in front of a mirror, while nine cameras are presenting their image from nine different viewpoints, all within a fraction of a second. Each camera senses motion within their respective frame and this determines which image is presented onto the screen. This essentially is a time and space based mirror where one can view multiple angles of oneself, temporally superimposed through split second "flickers". How one moves within the viewed space determines how the images are perceived.

American artist John Bain re-purposes digital technology in ways that are unintended by the original manufactures. He re-constructs and modifies internal circuits to build autonomous self-generating organisms perceived as sound. He has developed techniques for interbreeding the resulting data flows from these devices so that multiple autonomous units become one large self-sensing organism. He presents this work in his project, Mutant Data Orchestra. His interactive installation work deals with how people utilize pre-existing architectural conditions. How people move through a space drives how the piece is composed and perceived in real time as sound and image. Everyday architectural use is translated into a new representation, mapping the decisions every occupant has to make within space.

John Bain
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