ARTIST: Line-Up Collaborative
TITLE: "Here's Looking at You"
MATERIALS: Construction materials, computer hardware and software, photo printer
DIMENSIONS: 85" h x 30" w x 65" l
DATE: 2004

"Here's Looking at You" is a photo booth that, at first glance, looks like any other. The viewer enters the booth, closes the privacy curtain, inserts money, and poses for the timed strobes. When the strip is developed, however, the images do not appear as expected. Instead of the standard frontal shots, they show the subject as seen from a hidden security camera in the upper left hand corner of the booth.

With this photo booth, Line Up examines the increasingly blurred boundary between public and private life after 9/11 and the ownership of one's image in the information age. With heightened security concerns, our images appear almost constantly on surveillance footage everywhere. The keepsake images produced by Line Up's photo booth are a reclamation of one's skewed, captured image. As a fully functional object, the booth is initially seen as an overt art object. Its camouflage of familiarity increases the effect of the resulting image.

Line Up is a collaborative of independent artists that come together to explore the contemporary challenges of a given public space. The members of the group share a fascination with the design and function of public spaces in America, and the unsettling aspects such sites. Their subject matter has included mall food courts, hotel event rooms, high school gymnasiums, and suburban developments. "Here's Looking at You" was originally installed in Eero Saarinen's Terminal 5 at JFK International Airport.

Line Up is: Marcin Balicki, Amelia Bauer & Robert de Saint Phalle

Amelia Bauer
Seattle, WA
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