ARTIST: LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus)
TITLE: CoAdNe and CoDeAn
MATERIALS: Mixed media
DIMENSIONS: 2.5' x 2' x 1' and 2.5' x 2.5' x 2.5'
DATE: 2004

CoAdNe and CoDeAn are soft sound sculptures encased in fabric patchwork. They each include a programmable chip, which enables them to emit grunts and croaks of noisy electronic sounds at random intervals through an embedded speaker. These sculptures' voices are in the language of ancient creatures from the depths. The patchwork is a hand-sewn collage of fabric transferred video stills from our recordings made using homemade, modified, and commercial instruments. These sculptures are the materialization of media; they are companions for the technological age.

By mixing hard and soft materials, encasing electronic components in uncommon materials such as fabric, these sculptures develop a feeling of familiarity and warmth. At the same time, they suggest an absence of an animal's material body as if it has recently disappeared in a burst of static. The sculptural celebration of homemade electronics and handmade aesthetic exemplify our intimate and tangible relationship with technology.

LoVid is a project by Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. Hinkis graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris in 2000 and has been living and working in New York City since. Prior to LoVid Tali's single channel and video performances were presented in festivals and screenings worldwide. Lapidus studied science and electronic music at Harvard. He has been involved in producing and distributing experimental music for years. Kyle has performed, recorded, and toured in many noise and performance based bands. Kyle and Tali began collaborating as LoVid in 2001. Since then, LoVid has toured the US and Europe extensively, performing and exhibiting at the Big Apple Fest, Eyebeam, Happy Lion LA, SOUTHFIRST, Harvestworks, WAX, NY Underground Film Festival, Deitch Projects, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and Institute of Contemporary Art, London among many others. LoVid scramble electrical current into hyperkinetic audiovisual abstraction, which takes the familiar and reveals its astral nature. Using homemade electronic devices and DIY sculptural instruments, LoVid overwhelms the senses with new media in both their sculptures and live performances.

Special thanks to Douglas Irving Repetto

Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus
New York, NY
tali AT ignivomous.org