TITLE: bodhi
MATERIALS: Stainless steel, fluorescent lighting, plexiglass, photographic prints, oilbar
DIMENSIONS: 12.75" h x 23" w
DATE: 2003

"bodhi" is a lightbox of proprietary design by the artist, and which is hung on the wall via a proprietary system that enables it to slide along two anchors.

The lightboxes originally started as a vehicle for my poetry, but eventually I couldn't resist playing around with the addition of my photographic imagery as well. The fact that the poetry glows when the boxes are turned on was a complete accident, a perfect manifestation of the mystery of the creative process where my life pulls itself into balance independent of linear thought processes...

The medium itself took almost a full year to gestate from the time I decided to go ahead with the idea to the time I hung my first hard-won box. At first I looked into using commercial grade boxes as a quick solution, but in the end I wanted something that could create more visual depth, which is what led me to create my own proprietary medium.

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