ARTIST: Scott Gasparian
TITLE: OrbiTron
MATERIALS: Sewing machines, glass, microcontrollers, LEDs
DIMENSIONS: 2' h x 1' w x 1' d
DATE: 2004

The OrbiTron is a rotary driven computer network mounted inside a translucent glass sphere. Primary rotation is provided by a sewing machine motor mounted on a base of welded discarded sewing machine components. Super bright LED's are current modulated by a network of microcontrollers resulting in a palette of 1024 true colour shades. A version that incorporates capacitance touch sensors is in production. The extremely high speed of the armature allows displays far faster than the eye can discern consciously.

Having received his first serious electric shock at the age of four and liking it, "gaspo" has been chasing the mysterious electrical gremlins ever since. His work ranges from 20 foot tall versions of the HypKnowTron (with 125 microcontrollers) to a 35mph Chopper powered by a chainsaw. Fascinated with the complexity of the human machine, recent work is focused on the low-frequency brain rhythms and mind control. Scott is currently creating in San Francisco where the plethora of discarded appliances, surplus industrial equipment, and computer offal allows complicated and creative solutions to simple problems. Variations of the HypKnowTron, Orbitron and other lighting and sculpture designs are available on commission.

Scott Gasparian
San Francisco, CA
gaspo AT