ARTIST: S. Lyn Goeringer
TITLE: tone, stop. The intersection of two sound lines. E
MATERIALS: Electronic music sound installation for enclosed room
DIMENSIONS: 5.1 audio; audio loop duration: 60 min
DATE: 2005

The installation tone, stop. The intersection of two sound lines. E presented in People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II is a multi-channel location specific audio installation, designed with both the space and acoustic considerations of CoCA taken into account. Seating is not provided in the installation to encourage visitors to move around so they can experience how the audio changes based on their location within the space.

My primary artistic focus is on how sound affects and interacts with space. With tone, stop. The intersection of two sound lines, E. I deliberately incorporated sound from two sources. The primary sound source is a soundscape/sculpture that is projected from the five speakers surrounding visitors. The second source is the incidental noise present in the rest of the gallery. The incidental noise meshes with my goal to incorporate a chance aspect within the work, and more importantly, these secondary sounds maintain a connection with the community of art present in the gallery. This space is still part of the larger whole and cannot be separated from that context, even while visitors are encouraged to walk inside of and be affected by the space.

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